With the high level

of inputs that are at stake in today production agriculture environment, why chance you success to the 
same practices we applied from 15 years ago? Applying just the right amount of seed, fertilizer, and water
to the areas of the field that benefit from it the most optimizes your yield more efficiently.  Additionally, you are the sole owner of your data…

Great Plain Precision Ag

is your all inclusive precision ag service provider. No longer will you have to
source services from multiple providers. With a combine service record of
35 years in  agronomy and 17 years in GIS, you can be assured  that not
only the work we  perform for you will be timely, but of unsurpassed
quality and accuracy.


to the age of variable rate seeding, variable rate irrigation, soil moisture monitoring probes,
and the newest uses of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s).  Great Plains Precision Ag provides
combined experience in GIS and agronomy.  Our GIS and Agronomy knowledge allows
Great Plains Precision Ag to offer precision ag solutions that include: EC/EM soil mapping,
Grid sampling, advanced yield data analysis, prescriptions for seeding, fertility, irrigation
and lime maps, moisture probe management along with a host of other services.

Great Plains Precision Ag, Inc.

uses the latest technology to make intuitive decisions to provide accurate
recommendations to growers.  This allows growers to benefit saving time, money
and higher yields.