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GPPA stays up to date with all the latest technology and consistently attends trainings and expos. This allows us to help growers have their highest yields. We are more interested in getting to know you and your data in order to help you select which precision ag will benefit you the most than selling you something that won't benefit you. Increasing your yield and reducing your output year after year and helping you leave a legacy is what we are all about. Let's talk about which of our services are right for your operation. 
Grid Sampling
EC/EM Soil Mapping

Grid Sampling adapted to your management zones to variable rate nutrient applications (i.e. Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium,  pH, and other micronutrients). This allows for precise nutrient application to optimize yield potential.

Management Zone Establishment & Sampling 

Zones are divided and managed based on soil texture. Geo-referenced soil samples are then gathered from each management zone to evaluate soil fertility.

Texture mapping to create a high-quality soil map. Used as a base map for Management zones and variable rate applications.

Soil Moisture Probes

We offer a moisture probe management service where we monitor the probes and relay notes back to the grower on a weekly basis. Probes help growers know when to irrigate as well as root development stages throughout the growing season. Moisture probes placed in the field during the growing season allow for moisture monitoring throughout the soil profile. Growers are provided with the data collected to make precise decisions on their irrigation practices.

Variable Rate Seed, Fertilizer, and Irrigation

Variable rate prescriptions allow for precise application of seed or fertilizer based on your management zones.VRI divides a center-pivot into pie shapes sectors varying from 2-6 degrees & varies the rate of the irrigation system according to soil type and water holding capacity. 

Yield Data Mapping
& Analysis

Compare yield data to EC/EM Data, Elevation Derivatives and Variable Rate applied data to see what factors are affecting the yield.  This service allows you to enhance your prescriptions for the following planting season.

Select Pay Service Packages

  • EM Sledding (Topsoil, Subsoil, RTK  Elevation, Landscape Change, Slope,  Aspect, and Depressions)

  • EM Processing & Mgt. zone delineation

  • Geo-referenced Zone Sampling - up to 5  samples including labor and lab costs

  • Variable Rate Fertilizer Scripts/ Controller files

  • Variable Rate Seeding Scripts/ Controller files

  • Advanced Yield Analysis

Premium Package

  • Satellite processing and management zone  delineation

  • Georeferenced Zone Sampling - up to 5  samples including labor & lab costs 

  • Variable Rate Seeding Scripts/Controller files

  • Variable Rate Fertilizer Scripts/Controller files

  • Advanced Yield Analysis 

Advanced Package
2nd Year Maintenance
Basic Package
  • Satellite imagery 

  • Yield Mapping

  • Georeferenced Zone Sampling - up to 5  samples including labor & lab costs

  • Variable Rate Fertilizer Scripts/Controller files

  • Variable Rate Seeding Scripts/Controller  files

  • Advanced Yield Analysis 

Dry Land Sled Package
  • EM Sled for dryland field

  • 4 samples including lab

  • Variable Rate Fertilizing or Variable Rate Seeding

Basic Sled Package
  • ​​EM Sled 

  • Variable Rate Fertilizing or Variable Rate Seeding

  • Advanced Yield Analysis

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